Friday 3 September 2010

Johnny Mains - With Deepest Sympathy

My friend Johnny Mains's debut collection With Deepest Sympathy will be published in hardback by Obverse Books around the end of September this year. They have previously published The Panda Book of Horror and The Obverse Book of Ghosts. Johnny's stories have previously appeared in Pantechnicon and The Black Books of Horror. He also published Back From the Dead earlier this year, a hardback tribute to the Pan Horror series and is responsible for Pan Macmillan reissuing the very first Pan Book of Horror later this month in hardback.


A Return to the Judge's House
With Deepest Sympathy
Gun Money
Jesus Wept
The Bag Lady
Falling in Love with a Dead Boy
Losing the Plot
Bloody Conventions
The Spoon
The Trapper
Life through a Lense
The Family Business
Stour Bridge
Final Draft

Even though a hardback the book will cost an amazingly cheap £10.


  1. "Even though a hardback the book will cost an amazingly cheap £10" - can I use that as a pull quote on the back of the book? :)

    Stuart (publisher of Obverse Books)

  2. You certainly can if you think it'll do the trick!
    I've also posted details on Shocklines and the BFS Forum.