Monday 28 October 2019

Hidden Wyndham by Amy Binns arrived today

Received my copy of Hidden Wyndham by Amy Binns in the post today from Amazon and look forward to reading it over the next few days. It's a great looking book, complete with a section of black and white photographs and an index.

I intend writing a review of it for a future issue of Phantasmagoria Magazine.

Sunday 27 October 2019

Stories for publication in 2020

I so far have three stories due to be reprinted in various publications next year.

The latest is Help-Plants, which will appear in Martian Wave from Alban Publishing. This story was first published in Aboriginal Science Fiction.

Two other stories will appear in Lovecraftiana: Lurkers and The Shadow by the Altar.

Currently I have one story in the latest issue of Phantasmagoria Magazine: Their Cramped Dark World, and a second, Lock-In in Gruesome Grotesques #5, due next month, the Twilight Zone issue, as well as Writer's Cramp in Terror Tales of Northwest England.

Thursday 24 October 2019

Phantasmagoria #12 - Halloween Special is now available

The best horror/fantasy magazine being published today. And unbelievable value at just £7.99! You'd be mad not to buy it.

(It includes my one and only Halloween story, Their Cramped Dark World.)

Check it out on amazon: kindle

Trevor Kennedy on Facebook:

PHANTASMAGORIA MAGAZINE issue 12, the Halloween special, is now published and will be on sale on Kindle in a few hours time, in paperback by tomorrow, and stocked in Forbidden Planet Belfast at the start of next week!
It is a bumper 356-page horror/fantasy/sci-fi extravaganza, a real treat for the readers and amazing value for money!
Here's the full list of contents:
Cover design by Adrian Baldwin.
Cover artwork by Roberto Segate.
Interior artwork by Jim Pitts (including frontispiece), Allen Koszowski, Stephen Clarke, Roberto Segate, Jonathan Temples and Jihane Mossalim.
- Editorial by myself.
- Interview with author/singer/actress (and loads more!), Samantha Lee (plus a review of Samantha's book 'Amy').
- Interview with dark artist Roberto Segate.
- Three Films From Hell: Rob Zombie feature with Dean M. Drinkel.
- Phantasmagoria at the conventions: Dublin World Con 2019, NecronomiCon 2019 and Fighting Fantasy Fest 3. Feature with myself, Allison Weir, Con Connolly, Jamie Fry and Allen Koszowski.
- Interview with leading UK publisher/author, Jo Fletcher.
- Interview with Peter, Nicky and Mike from PS Publishing.
- Interview with leading UK fantasy author, Adrian Cole.
- Batman (1989): feature by Nathan Waring.
- The Return of the Living Dead: feature by Liam Ronan.
- Devil's Haircut: exclusive comic strip and interviews with artist/writer Malachy Coney and musician Brian Young of The Sabrejets (with whom the strip is based upon).
- Interview with leading American horror/comedy author, Jeff Strand.
- Interview with American 'Goddess of Gore' author Nikki Noir, plus book extract and review.
- Phantasmagoria Fiction Halloween Stories Special! Featuring stories from Peter Crowther, Peter Coleborn, David A. Riley, H. R. Boldwood, Dave Jeffery, Alison Cybe, Joe X Young, myself, Terry Gray, Raven Dane, Andrea Bickerstaff, Carl Redding, Silas Rallings, Karina Sims and Andre Sanders (poem).
- Allen Koszowski Halloween artwork gallery.
- 1930s Horror films: feature by David Brilliance.
- Interview with leading Belfast author, Owen Quinn.
- Belfast's Film Devour film festival: feature/interview with Brian Mullholland, GCH Reilly and myself.
- Dr. Dave's Top 10... Spaceships From Science Fiction Movies.
- American author Carl R. Jennings book feature and review.
- Belfast poet Robert Donaldson book feature.
- Phantasmagoria Reviews:
- Reviews of books by Stephen Jones, Ramsey Campbell, Johnny Mains, Stephen Volk, Jon Bassoff, Jamie Nash, Jesse Dedman, Robert Bloch and Chanel Harry.
- Reviews of the following films and television: Joker, IT: Chapter 2, Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Ad Astra, Crawl, Dracula in a Women's Prison, He Drives at Night, The Strange Thing About the Johnsons, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, The Boys, Black Summer, Another Life and Batwoman.
- Reviews by Helen Scott, Barnaby Page, Carl R. Jennings, David A. Riley, Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad, Allison Weir, Nikki Noir, Ciaran Woods, Joe X Young, Con Connolly, Michael Stephenson, Sarah Stephenson, David L. Tamarin, J. K. Wilde, James Keen and myself.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Terror Tales of Northwest England edited by Paul Finch

I am pleased to announce that Terror Tales of Northwest England is now available, both as a paperback and ebook.
Published by Telos Publishing, it is edited by Paul Finch and includes stories by Jason Gould, Cate Gardner, Simon Kurt Unsworth, John Travis, Edward Pearce, Christopher Harman, Stephen Gallagher, Peter Bell, Sam Stone, Ramsey Campbell, Anna Taborska, Simon Bestwick, Solomon Strange, Paul Finch, and my own story Writer's Cramp.