Wednesday 20 March 2019

Into the Dark - price reduced to £5.50 for limited period

I have changed the cover of Into the Dark to show that it is actually written by me "as Andrew Jennings".

For a limited time only paperback copies can be bought from Amazon for only £5.50 (or only £1.99 on kindle).

Paperback: £5.50

Kindle: £1.99

"There's a serial killer at loose in London. Janice, who has a chronic fear of the dark, stumbles into a relationship with the man who may secretly be the murderer. Nedither know that in the North of England, in a place previously owned by his dead mother, activities are taking place that may unleash a horror that could spell the end of civilisation in Britain - an ancient evil that would make the activities of any serial killer look like child's play by comparison. Could a psychotic killer be the only man capable of ending this?"

'No Sense In Being Hungry, She Thought' reprinted in Russia's Darker Magazine

Great to have a second story in the Russian Darker Magazine, edited by Artem Ageev. This time it's No Sense In Being Hungry, She Thought. This story originally appeared in Peeping Tom in 1996 and is included in my collection Their Cramped Dark World and Other Tales.

Saturday 16 March 2019

Charles Black RIP

I was shocked and saddened to be told today by a nurse at St Michael's Hospice in Hereford, where he was staying, that my friend Charles Black (real name Michael Duggan) passed away yesterday, peacefully, surrounded by his relations. I was planning to drive there to visit him, knowing it would be for the last time, as he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but the end came sooner than expected.

Charles was a writer, editor and publisher, who ran Mortbury Press, who brought out eleven volumes of his brilliant anthology series, The Black Books of Horror, which published some of the best names in the horror genre in the UK. He also had two collections of his own stories, the first, which I published under my Parallel Universe Publications imprint in 2015, was Black Ceremonies. The second appeared under his own imprint, A Taste for the Macabre (2018). He also brought out a collection of tales by Anna Taborska, For Those Who Dream Monsters 2013), illustrated by Reggie Oliver.

Charles on a panel of fellow editors at the World Horror Convention in Brighton, 2010

Charles, second from the right, enjoying a drink with friends

Charles at Fantasycon in Nottingham shaking hands with Johnny Mains

Some of The Black Books of Horror


Monday 11 March 2019

Into the Dark

I can now reveal that the horror novel Into the Dark, which I published under my Parallel Universe Publications imprint as by Andrew Jenning is in actual fact by me. I wanted to see just how well it would do under an unfamiliar name. The answer is, alas, not so well - it has pretty well been completely ignored by everyone. Which is why I have abandoned this experiment and am admitting the true authorship.
No more games!
The details will be altered online in places such as amazon, etc over the next few weeks. 

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Cover reveal for Terror Tales of Northwest England edited by Paul Finch

This is the cover for Terror Tales of Northwest England, which will include a reprint of my story Writer's Cramp, which originally appeared in Fantasy Tales.

Terror Tales of Northwest England will be published in June by Telos and is already available for pre-order.