Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Assaults of Chaos: A novel about H. P. Lovecraft by S. T. Joshi

I came across a reference to this novel on The Vault of Evil. Despite the fact that it was given one four-star and one one-star review on amazon, I was so intrigued by it that I found a copy from a reliable British bookseller on Abebooks and ordered it. The one-star review could very easily have been written by someone with a grudge against Joshi, something which wouldn't surprise me at all, taking into account Joshi's often outspoken views on Lovecraft and other authors.

Anyway, I'll see for myself how good or bad this novel is and write a review which, hopefully, will be included in a future issue of Phantasmagoria magazine.

Tuesday 9 June 2020

New short story acceptance - Grudge End Cloggers

Very pleased to have received a short story acceptance this morning for an anthology due later this year in the UK. The story is one I finished only a few months ago, Grudge End Cloggers. As anyone familiar with my stories, especially those written over the past decade, will know Grudge End is a particular favourite locale of mine (it features in my novel The Return too) where bad things usually happen.

More details later.

Phantasmagoria 15 now out in print and ebook

The latest issue of Phantasmagoria magazine is now available to order from Amazon in print and an ebook and will shortly be available from certain shops.

The front cover by artist Jim Pitts is for my story The Fragile Mask on His Face, also included in this issue, along with a couple of my drawings and a poem, As Silver Dusk Suffuses Red, again with a Jim Pitts illustration.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA


Wednesday 3 June 2020

Three Eyed Jack

Very pleased to learn that Trevor Kennedy will be including my brand new story Three Eyed Jack in the next edition of Gruesome Grotesques: Carnival of Freaks later this year.

Monday 1 June 2020

Phantasmagoria Magazine #15

Coming this weekend, the latest issue of Phantasmagoria. The brilliant cover artwork by Jim Pitts illustrates my story The Fragile Mask on his Face, which is published in this issue. I also have a poem and some artwork in it too.