Friday 25 August 2023

Lucilla - a novella is now available in hardcover

My novella Lucilla, serialised last year in Bewildering Stories, is now available in hardcover for £13.99/$17.85. The cover artwork is by Jim Pitts.

It was just another standard day at the Women’s Refuge until the arrival of Lucilla. Then Miranda’s world was never the same again.
Unaccountably influenced by what the girl needed, her job, her friendships, even freedom itself were of no importance. It was not until her niece’s life was at risk that Miranda knew she had to act.
But what could she do against someone who had such a tight, insidious grip on her?

amazon UK £13.99 $17.85

Saturday 12 August 2023

Swan Song reprinted in Schlock! Webzine Volume 17 issue 13

I'd forgotten all about it but my story Swan Song, first published in the Black Books of Horror, has just been reprinted in the latest issue of Schlock! Webzine, Volume 17 issue 13.