Saturday 28 May 2022

ChillerCon May 27th 2022

Jim Pitts and I had a great time yesterday attending Chillercon at the Royal Hotel in Scarborough, where we met up with some old and new friends. 

Trevor Kennedy held a launch and mass signing for the latest Phantasmagoria Special devoted to Brian Lumley. 

Jim Pitts, Steve Dilks and David A. Riley


Tuesday 24 May 2022

Still on a roll: another fantasy story completed

I am pleased to find I am on something like a roll at the moment, having just completed yet another swords and sorcery story, this one entitled Welgar the Cursed, which involves my recurring hero Welgar, who appears in Ossani the Healer and the Beautiful Homunculus and The Dark Priestdom. There is also a brief appearance at the beginning of Nadrine, the Storyteller of Koss. 

"It is almost impossible for a man whose face and body have the horrifying aspect of something that belongs inside a tomb to be regarded as a hero."


Wednesday 18 May 2022

Tuesday 17 May 2022

My copy of Summer of Sci-fi & Fantasy arrived today

My copy of Summer of Sci-fi & Fantasy arrived today, which includes my swords and sorcery fantasy tale The Storyteller of Koss.



Another Swords and Sorcery story finished: The Dark Priestdom

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with new stories at the moment. I have just completed and proofread a 10,200 word swords and sorcery story called The Dark Priestdom, which as two of its main characters has protagonists I have previously used but never in the same story before.

My swords and sorcery stories so far are:

Baal the Necromancer (published in 2021 in Mythic #17)

The God in the Keep (published in 2021 in Swords and Sorcery Magazine #118)

A Grim God's Revenge (published in 2017 in Mythic #4)

Ossani the Healer and the Beautiful Homunculus

Creatures of the Black Tunnel

The Storyteller of Koss (published in 2022 in Summer of Sci-Fi and Fantasy)

The Carpetmaker of Arana

The Dark Priestdom

Monday 16 May 2022

Ramsey Campbell: Master of Weird Fiction by S. T. Joshi

A brand new PS Publishing book arrived in the post today direct from the publisher: S. T. Joshi's Ramsey Campbell: Master of Weird Fiction. Over 300 pages. Looking forward to delving into this.

Sunday 15 May 2022

The Storyteller of Koss published in Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My swords and sorcery fantasy story The Storyteller of Koss has just been published in Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy edited by Dustin Bilyk in the States, though it is also available from amazon uk.

My story follows on from events told in my previously published tale Baal the Necromancer (Mythic #17, 2021). I am in the process of finishing another, quite long story called The Dark Priestdom in which the storyteller is again one of the two main characters. The other protagonist, a mercenary called Welgar, also appeared in a recent story Ossani the Healer & the Beautiful Homunculus, which has yet to be published.  

Just to add to the complications (and perhaps to the confusion!) Ossani the Healer appears towards the end of The Storyteller of Koss