Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Into the Dark - price reduced to £5.50 for limited period

I have changed the cover of Into the Dark to show that it is actually written by me "as Andrew Jennings".

For a limited time only paperback copies can be bought from Amazon for only £5.50 (or only £1.99 on kindle).

Paperback: £5.50

Kindle: £1.99

"There's a serial killer at loose in London. Janice, who has a chronic fear of the dark, stumbles into a relationship with the man who may secretly be the murderer. Nedither know that in the North of England, in a place previously owned by his dead mother, activities are taking place that may unleash a horror that could spell the end of civilisation in Britain - an ancient evil that would make the activities of any serial killer look like child's play by comparison. Could a psychotic killer be the only man capable of ending this?"

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