Thursday, 24 October 2019

Phantasmagoria #12 - Halloween Special is now available

The best horror/fantasy magazine being published today. And unbelievable value at just £7.99! You'd be mad not to buy it.

(It includes my one and only Halloween story, Their Cramped Dark World.)

Check it out on amazon: kindle

Trevor Kennedy on Facebook:

PHANTASMAGORIA MAGAZINE issue 12, the Halloween special, is now published and will be on sale on Kindle in a few hours time, in paperback by tomorrow, and stocked in Forbidden Planet Belfast at the start of next week!
It is a bumper 356-page horror/fantasy/sci-fi extravaganza, a real treat for the readers and amazing value for money!
Here's the full list of contents:
Cover design by Adrian Baldwin.
Cover artwork by Roberto Segate.
Interior artwork by Jim Pitts (including frontispiece), Allen Koszowski, Stephen Clarke, Roberto Segate, Jonathan Temples and Jihane Mossalim.
- Editorial by myself.
- Interview with author/singer/actress (and loads more!), Samantha Lee (plus a review of Samantha's book 'Amy').
- Interview with dark artist Roberto Segate.
- Three Films From Hell: Rob Zombie feature with Dean M. Drinkel.
- Phantasmagoria at the conventions: Dublin World Con 2019, NecronomiCon 2019 and Fighting Fantasy Fest 3. Feature with myself, Allison Weir, Con Connolly, Jamie Fry and Allen Koszowski.
- Interview with leading UK publisher/author, Jo Fletcher.
- Interview with Peter, Nicky and Mike from PS Publishing.
- Interview with leading UK fantasy author, Adrian Cole.
- Batman (1989): feature by Nathan Waring.
- The Return of the Living Dead: feature by Liam Ronan.
- Devil's Haircut: exclusive comic strip and interviews with artist/writer Malachy Coney and musician Brian Young of The Sabrejets (with whom the strip is based upon).
- Interview with leading American horror/comedy author, Jeff Strand.
- Interview with American 'Goddess of Gore' author Nikki Noir, plus book extract and review.
- Phantasmagoria Fiction Halloween Stories Special! Featuring stories from Peter Crowther, Peter Coleborn, David A. Riley, H. R. Boldwood, Dave Jeffery, Alison Cybe, Joe X Young, myself, Terry Gray, Raven Dane, Andrea Bickerstaff, Carl Redding, Silas Rallings, Karina Sims and Andre Sanders (poem).
- Allen Koszowski Halloween artwork gallery.
- 1930s Horror films: feature by David Brilliance.
- Interview with leading Belfast author, Owen Quinn.
- Belfast's Film Devour film festival: feature/interview with Brian Mullholland, GCH Reilly and myself.
- Dr. Dave's Top 10... Spaceships From Science Fiction Movies.
- American author Carl R. Jennings book feature and review.
- Belfast poet Robert Donaldson book feature.
- Phantasmagoria Reviews:
- Reviews of books by Stephen Jones, Ramsey Campbell, Johnny Mains, Stephen Volk, Jon Bassoff, Jamie Nash, Jesse Dedman, Robert Bloch and Chanel Harry.
- Reviews of the following films and television: Joker, IT: Chapter 2, Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Ad Astra, Crawl, Dracula in a Women's Prison, He Drives at Night, The Strange Thing About the Johnsons, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, The Boys, Black Summer, Another Life and Batwoman.
- Reviews by Helen Scott, Barnaby Page, Carl R. Jennings, David A. Riley, Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad, Allison Weir, Nikki Noir, Ciaran Woods, Joe X Young, Con Connolly, Michael Stephenson, Sarah Stephenson, David L. Tamarin, J. K. Wilde, James Keen and myself.

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