Saturday 4 September 2010

They Pissed on My Sofa - Malicious Deviance

I just heard from editor Robert Essig that my story They Pissed on My Sofa has been accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming anthology Malicious Deviance from Library of the Living Dead. This is an unusual tale for me as it's a non-supernatural horror story. If anything it's a crime horror story. About a man who has finally had enough when vandals not only wreck his house but - as the title says!

The premise for the anthology was as follows:

"I am looking for well written speculative fiction with a heavy horror element focusing on bad protagonists from all walks of humanity. Everyone has the capacity for evil. Some people are born with it while others acquire evil through life's experiences or bad influence. Whatever the reason, I am seeking out stories of bad people doing bad things, meeting bad ends, or even reigning victorious in the end (though I will give preference to the bad guy getting it in the end. I'm not looking to completely glorify evil.) This does go against the lexicon of Good vs. Evil, but I don't give a shit. We're breaking the rules here. Bad people have stories that need to be told, and it's about time they're published in an anthology.

The stories must have a strong horror element, but feel free to cross your genres. I would like to see a good mix of styles and genres as long as horror is at the root of your story. Any time frame is welcome. You can use whatever POV you like, though 2nd and 1st person are a hard sell.
Be creative. Serial Killers, vampires, zombies, werewolves and other such well worn themes must be absolutely fantastic and mind blowing; even then they're a hard sell. I'm looking for all kinds of bad people, not just the ones we are used to reading as antagonists. Remember, anyone can be evil... Anyone.

And above all, be sure your protagonist is BAD, EVIL, DEVIANT, CRIMINAL -- choose your adjective, but if your protagonist isn't a bad person your story will be rejected outright."

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