Tuesday 3 September 2019

New Jim Pitts prints and a great deal from Parallel Universe Publications

Parallel Universe Publications has added some exciting new illustrations to the list of Jim Pitts prints that are available from us, plus they are now post free.
Each print is on high quality A4 paper, approved and signed by the artist before being sealed for protection inside a plastic envelope.

Colour prints are £7.00 each including p&p

Black & white prints are £5.00 each including p&p

Any orders for 5 or more prints, whether black and white, colour, or mixed qualify for a 20% discount.

To order please email paralleluniversepublications@gmx.co.uk or davidariley@gmx.co.uk, listing which prints you would like, plus your address. You will then be emailed a Paypal invoice.

Jim Pitts is an award-winning artist (two-times winner of the prestigious British Fantasy Award, plus Science Fiction's Ken McIntyre Award), whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and books, both professional and small press.

Jim Pitts holding his two British Fantasy Awards

Jim Pitts holding a copy of his book, The Fantastical Art of Jim Pitts

Now you have the opportunity to own individually signed prints of some of Jim's best work, in black and white and in full-colour.


Print 01
Cover for Worlds of the Unknown #1
Spectre Press
Print 02
Cover of Dark Horizons #15, 1976 edited by Stephen Jones
British Fantasy Society

Print 03
"Mr October"

Print 04
Inspired by Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique stories

Print 05
Front cover of Cthulhu: Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
Spectre Press 2018

Print 06
Tsathoggua - Clark Ashton Smith's
contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos

Print 07
Illustration for Adrian Cole's Steaming into Wonderland
published in Worlds of the Unknown #5, Spectre Press

Print 24    H. P. Lovecraft's The Moon Bog

Print 08
From The Tower of the Elephant by Robert E. Howard
The Hyborian Gazette #1

Print 09
Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft

Print 10
Illustration for The Furies from Boras by Anders Fager
in Cthulhu #8 (front cover)

Print 11
Cover for Cthulhu #7, Spectre Press

Print 12
Illustration for Climbing Those Stairs by David Ieuan
in Worlds of the Unknown #1, Spectre Press

Print 13
Illustration for Baptism of  Fire by Andrew Darlington
in Cthulhu #5

Print 14
Illustration for Game of Nine Pinns by Don Webb
in Cthulhu #7

Print 15

Print 16
Illustration for Brian Lumley's The Changeling
in Earth, Air, Fire & Water, Fedogan & Bremer

Print 17
Illustration for Brian Lumley's The Gathering
in Earth, Air, Fire & Water, Fedogan & Bremer

Print 18
"Angel" inspired by the Charlie Parker novels
of John Connolly
Print 19
M. R. James' The Scrapbook of Canon Alberic

Print 20
M. R. James' The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

Print 21
M. R. James' Count Magnus

Print 22
M. R. James' Lost Hearts

Print 23
Writer's Cramp by David A. Riley, Northern Chills

Print 25  Hans Bok's Beyond the Golden Stair

Print 26  Hans Bok's The Blue Flamingo

Print 27  The Benevolence of Yib by Lin Carter
Print 28  R. Chetwynd-Hayes Looking for Something to Suck

Print 29  R. Chetwynd-Hayes  Looking for Something to Suck
Print 30 Robert E. Howard's The Black Stone

Print 31  H. P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space
Print 32  Halloween 2019

Print 33 A Trick, or a Treat?
Print 34  The Waking Dead

Print 35 H. P. Lovecraft's The Cats of Ulthar

Print 36  Bats

Print 37  Pumpkin Scarecrow

Print 38 Female Zombie

Print 39 Zombie Head
Print 40 Hi, Pardner. It's been awhile

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