Monday 2 September 2019

Carnival Row

Early days yet, but this series, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, looks promising. The storyline is original, complex, intriguing - and the set designs and special effects superb, creating an amazingly atmospheric Victorian steam-punk setting, complete with fey and other mythical creatures, including centaurs and trolls, living in a semi-industrial, very dark human city, with overhead rail lines and huge Gothic buildings that reach up to a forbiddingly cloudy sky - not to mention the seething slums!

My only doubts at the moment are over a lack of empathy on my part with the main characters, who have yet, after three episodes, to completely engage with me. Perhaps because there are too many unpleasant characters and those that aren't are not exactly sympathetic. Hopefully, this will change as the story progresses. There is a lot going on - and a lot of mysteries about the whole place yet to be shown to us. One thing is for sure, there are some nasty twists and turns yet to come!

Carnival Row is available to watch on amazon prime.

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