Beyond and Prism

In 1995 my wife, Linden, and I co-edited and published a magazine called Beyond. Art Editor was Jim Pitts.

Issue 1 was published in April/May 1995. It featured the following stories:
Gremlin by Karl Edward Wagner
Yesterday I Flew With the Birds by Stephen Laws
Yesterday by Alex Stuart
The Road to Utopia Plain by Rick Kennett
The Stages of the God by Ramsey Campbell
Lute-Player by David V. Barrett

It also included an interview with Troma Films' Lloyd Kaufman and an article by Keith Brooke on How SF Lost the Space Race.  Regular features were by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by Martin McKenna, who did some of the interior illustrations, along with Tony Hough, Bob Covington, and Dave Carson.

Issue 2 was published in June/July 1995. It featured the following stories:
A Touch of Earth by Colin P. Davies
The Shadow Navigator by Adrian Cole
The Syncretic Priest's Confession by Charles M. Saplak
Conversation Pieces by Mary Soon Lee
The Last Worshipper of Proteus by Brian Stableford
A Token of Our Esteem by Lyn McConchie
Two Tomorrow by Steven Paulsen
A Misleading Case in Future Law by John Brunner

It also included an interview by Steve Holland of David Gemmell, plus How I Stole the Sampo by Ian Watson. Again there were regular features by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by David A. Hardy. Interior art was by Tony Hough, Bob Covington, Dave Carson, and Russ Nicholson.

Issue 3 was published in Sept/Oct 1995. It featured the following stories:
Late Night at the Rusty Tiara by Larry Tritten
La Serenissima by David Sutton
Hearts Lost in a Vacuum by Simon Clark
Gwargens by Ian Redfern
Beside the Sea by Keith Brooke
The Last Hesperid by Marise Morland
The House of Quetzal Plumes by Stuart Palmer
Research Project by Shannah Jay

It also included an interview of Roger Zelazny by Ken Rand , plus the usual features by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by Les Edwards, with back cover art by Boris Vallejo. Interior art was by Russell Morgan, SMS, Sydney Jordan, Al Davidson, and Alwyn Talbot.

As it won't be published now, as Prism officially ended as a separate publication with the September issue,
I'm publishing here a copy of the cover that would have been used for our Christmas issue, courtesy of the artist Paul Mudie

The September Prism has a cover by Fantasycon Artist Guest of Honour, Bryan Talbot.

The June issue of Prism (above) has a cover by the professional illustrator Howard Molloy.

Above, Prism, March 2010, with a cover by World Horror Convention Artist Guest of Honour, Dave Carson.

These are the covers from the 8 issues of the BFS Bulletin that I produced with Jim Pitts back in 1974-75. One big difference between the Bulletins I helped produce then and the ones I edit now is that today's are laid out using a computer, and a disc is sent off to the printer. In the '70s everything was done by hand, including typing it all out on a manual typewriter, using letraset for headings and pasting everything onto card, which was scanned by the printer. Another difference is that the largest we published in the '70s was a mere 20 pages, whereas the two I have done this year have both been 56 pages - which is a size I aim to keep to as much as possible.

This is a leaflet issued in the very earliest of days of what was to become the BFS, when its proposed name was the British Weird Fantasy Society:

These are copies of the BFS Journal which I helped to edit. The first was published in hardcover. The rest were trade paperbacks.


  1. It was an incredibly well put together magazine which came to undeserved and untimely end. I was glad to have been a contributor and have my efforts seen next to other artists far better and more well-known than myself!!

  2. Thanks, Tony. That's really appreciated. Loved your artwork. Would you object if I scanned and included them as samples in this section?