Thursday, 6 October 2022

Inside Man

We watched all four episodes of Inside Man last night after having read so many glowing reports about it.
I must admit to having mixed views about it. The parts set in the United States, especially with both Stanley Tucci and Askins Estimond were great - fascinating and amusing - and very well written and acted. The two characters are so different they make an engrossing double act. But the English scenes with David Tennant were often irritating and downright daft. Normally I like Tennant's acting but in this he seemed over the top, irrational and the set up for the storyline in which he is involved seemed unrealistically contrived and unbelievable. As for his son - the less said the better.
Although I would have given all of the US scenes 5 out of 5, I could only offer a rather grudging two for the rest. If there is a second season and it is predominantly about the two Americans on Death Row I would look forward to watching it. But, please, no more "Sexy Vicar"!

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