Wednesday 13 May 2020

The Lurkers in the Abyss - 50 years on

It still seems amazing to me that my first professionally published story appeared 50 years ago this year in 1970 in The Eleventh Pan Book of Horror edited by the legendary Herbert van Thal. It was written and sent off when I was still a pupil at Accrington Grammar School, though my letter of acceptance didn't arrive till one week after I finished.

The Lurkers in the Abyss has been reprinted a couple of times since.

In 2012 it was chosen by editor John Pelan to represent 1970 in The Century's Best Horror Fiction, a massive two-volume hard-cover anthology published by Cemetery Dance.

I then included it in my collection published by David Sutton's Shadow Publishing, The Lurkers in the Abyss and Other Tales of Terror.

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