Monday 30 October 2017

Next big project: Centenary Book on William Hope Hodgson

The next big project for Parallel Universe Publications will be a centenary volume commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of William Hope Hodgson in April 1918 in the First World War. The book will be 11.5 x 8.5 inches in size, and be a mixture of artricles, stories and artwork, put together by Jim Pitts, Nick Caffrey and David A. Riley. 

In the early years of the twentieth century Hodgson lived in Blackburn, Lancashire where both Jim and Nick now live and only three miles from where David lives. During his time in Blackburn Hodgson ran a body-building gym and had a newsworthy encounter with Houdini at the town's Palace Theatre. It was also where he wrote his first published stories: The Terror of the Water-Tank and The Goddess of Death, which were inspired by the water-tank on Revidge Road in Blackburn and by a statue of Flora in the town's Corporation Park. The book will include photos of the places associated to Hodgson's years spent in Blackburn. More details later. 

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