Tuesday 25 August 2015

A review of Kitchen Sink Gothic

In the final instalment of Franklin Marsh's review of Kitchen Sink Gothic on the Vault of Evil, we reach Canvey Island Baby by David Turnbull:
"And so, with a heavy heart we come to the end of this odyssey through the more working class environs of horror, with many characters trapped - in their own minds and bodies, within houses/dysfunctional families, on estates, in cities, yearning for escape via their imagination, chance encounters or just trying to screw up the courage to step beyond their boundaries themselves.
David Turnbull's story is an uneasy reminder of both Lovecraft and Lynch's Eraserhead, set in Dr Feelgood country. There's an estate, a protagonist who doesn't want to do what is expected of him and a bleak landscape. Two terrific scenes - Patsy's confrontation with his grandfather, and his realisation that he's being watched when he discovers what he's been looking for on the beach, in a very fitting end story to this maverick collection."
Very pleased at the description "maverick collection"!

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