Monday 22 June 2015

Moloch's Children reviewed on the Vault of Evil

Kevin Demant (demonik) concludes his serialised review of my horror novel, Moloch's Children, on the Vault of Evil website: "I greatly enjoyed the Grudge End novel, The Return but Moloch's Children is, if anything, more of a Vault Mk I novel. Despite the mid-nineties setting this is very much a 'sixties "Good versus Evil" throwback, generous with the horrors (supernatural or otherwise) and capture-escape cliffhangers, although Dennis Wheatley would sooner have joined the Transport & General Workers Union than conclude one of his black novels on so pessimistic a note. Bad things happen to essentially sympathetic people in Riley books, and, as Professor Krakowsky ultimately discovers, sometimes the only choice comes down to the lesser of two terrible evils."…/david-riley-molochs-chil…

 trade paperback:  £7.99   $9.99

ebook:  £2.99  $4.68

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