Friday 16 January 2015

Goblin Mire published by Parallel Universe Publications

Cover Art: Joe Young
Goblin Mire was originally published by Renaissance E-books. I was not very happy with how the book was promoted nor with the appalling cover the publisher gave it, which resulted with me ending my contract with them as soon as I could.

Goblin Mire is now available in trade paperback, published by Parallel Universe Publications. 318 pages long, it is £9.50 in the UK and $13.30 in the US.  European copes are 12. Euros. There is also be a kindle version.  £9.50   $13.30

Reviewers can receive copies of this book either by contacting Parallel Universe Publications on Facebook or emailing

"Many years have passed since Elves defeated and killed the last Goblin king. Now the Goblins are growing stronger in their mire, and Mickle Gorestab, one of the few remaining veterans of that war, is determined they will fight once more, this time aided by a renegade Elf who has delved into forbidden sorcery and hates his kind even more than his Goblin allies. Murder, treachery and the darkest of all magics follow in a maelstrom of blood, violence and unexpected alliances. Facing up to the cold cruelty of the Elves, Mickle Gorestab stands out as the epitome of grim, barbaric heroism, determined to see the wrongs of his race avenged and a restoration of the Goblin King."

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