Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Walking Dead April Fool's Spoof

I did a Facebook entry about The Walking Dead this morning. It's already had 45 shares. No idea how many shares the shares have had!

So the season finale for The Walking Dead shows that Rick's been in a coma all this time and it was all just a dream... What a cop out!

(Update: now 150 205 265 293 381 479  515 shares)


  1. I shared this yesterday and some folks actually became angry. go figure. I guess they didn't notice what day it was.


  2. No one's expressed any anger to me so far, Doug, though it's now had 479 shares, which is amazing for me! I did add the "Trust No One" picture to make it plain eventually that it is an April Fool's joke just in case, but some people do lack a sense of humour. Fans, in particular, can be notorious that way. :)