Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Screaming Book of Horror

There's a new link to The Screaming Book of Horror.

 Contents are:

Larva – John Brunner
The Swarm – Alison Littlewood
Natural Selection – Robin Ince
One of the Family – Bernard Taylor
What Shall We Do About Barker? – Reginald Oliver
Cut! – Anna Taborska
Old Grudge Ender – David A. Riley
Bird Doll – Claire Massey
The Christmas Toys – Paul Finch
The Quixote Candidate – Rhys Hughes
Helping Mummy – Kate Farell
The Iron Cross – Craig Herbertson
The Baby Trap – Janine Wood
Sometimes You Think You Are Alone – Alison Moore
The Tip Run – Johnny Mains
Christenings Can Be Dangerous – John Llewellyn Probert
Jack and Jill – Steve Rasnic Tem
The City of Plenty – Alex Miles
Imagination – Christopher Fowler
The Blackshore Dreamer – John Burke

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