Wednesday 3 August 2011

BFS Journal - September issue

This will be my last one as editor of Prism, as I'm stepping down after this, having done two years in the job.

This is the cover, the work of Clive Barker.


  1. Hi David

    Very sorry to hear you're standing down, but you've made your reasons clear and I can understand why. Shame, though!

  2. Thanks, John. And, in truth, having contributions by you in Profundo Probert, helped to make my tenure as editor even better. I really enjoyed working on inserting photos, etc into your text to complement it - which disappeared as soon as Prism became part of the Journal.
    The other thing is that I have other projects to work on, which would mean not being able to put the time and attention it deserves to future issues of Prism - and I would rather go now while it is still going well than risk facing criticism for failing in the job later.
    I just hope that the balance stays as it is and that horror won't be pushed to the minority position it had previously.

  3. Hey David - if editing my bit of Prism made it more fun then all well and good! I hope the balance stays too but I guess we'll have to see. Hopefully the columns I've done for you will be finding their way into my proposed non fiction book (all the reviews you could possibly want and a whole pile of other rubbish culled from the Vault and other places) eventually so thanks for giving me the opportunity to wax lyrical about whatever I wanted!