Friday 7 January 2011

Mary Danby - Party Pieces

Johnny Mains, whose imprint Noose & Gibbet Press will be publishing this collection, has just announced a change of cover. I must admit I like the new version much better than the first, although this is still only a rough draft.

New cover:

Old cover:


  1. Can you tell me if the first cover is realted to some story from the book.Did you make this post because of the question I asked or it was made before(this comparing of the covers) ? As I can see it is the same
    Noose & Gibbet

  2. No, I did not make this post because of the question you asked. If you look at the date of it you will see this was posted on the 7th January 2011. The first cover may have related to a story. Off hand I do not know. You are better asking the publisher than me. I was merely posting a bit of news which I thought would be of interest to people. Yes, the publisher did remain the same. The choice of cover was all that altered.

  3. Was the first cover published than changed or they change it before publishing?
    Are Noose & Gibblet a publishing house or something if you know?

  4. It was changed before publishing. That first cover was never used.

    Yes, Noose & Gibbet is a publishing house. There's a link to its website on the above blog entry. Just click on Noose & Gibbet Press and it will take you there.