Tuesday 14 December 2010

FantasyCon 2011 - Brighton

We're still deciding whether to book for next year's FantasyCon or not. It's in the same venue as this year's World Horror Convention, which was okay, but it's about as far as we'd like to travel for a convention in this country. And the hotel, though it looks majestic enough in photographs, is a bit rundown. How having a FantasyCon so far south will affect membership, I don't know. I have heard that some people won't be going because of the distance involved and the time it would take them to get there. That doesn't bother us too much. We'll drive there as usual. And, after having travelled across Europe regularly to stay at our place in Bulgaria, driving to Brighton is no great deal. That's not even as far as Dover for the ferry!

In the end, I think we'll probably be going.  Though we'll have to make sure we book before the end of the year, when the rates go up.

John Ajvide Lindqvist is one of the Guests of Honour. Author of Let the Right One In, I would be interested to see him there. I haven't read the book yet, though I bought a copy recently, but the original film adaptation was brilliant and I'm looking foward to seeing the English language version, Let Me In, as soon as it's out on DVD. (I missed it at the cinema)

A link to the FantasyCon 2011 is here.

Mind you, if we do go and if there's another fish and chip banquet on the pier - no way, this time. That was one of the worst fish and chip meals I've ever had. And the costliest.


  1. "but it's about as far as we'd like to travel for a convention in this country"

    To be honest, David, I doubt you can't travel any further without dropping into the sea!

    If it helps, apparently the Radisson Blu next door to the convention hotel is much better. That said, I pass the hotel on a regular basis and they have been doing some work on the interior recently. Whether that will have stretched to the rooms, though, I don't know.

    I doubt anyone will make the mistake of the fish and chips 'banquet' again...

  2. Yes, the sea would put a bit of a dampener on going any further - south, that is. Though they could always go towards Cornwall - not that I think they'd find many hotels in that direction that could cope with a convention.

    Just hope the hotel has been improved a bit, as we much prefer staying in the convention hotel just for the convenience. Fingers crossed on that one.

  3. Don't think I'll be going to this one next year.

  4. Well, as I say, Linden and I aren't completely sure at the moment, though Linden's probably more positive about going than I am.
    Sorry if you don't manage to make it, Johnny. I think you managed to make quite a big impact at the two you've been to so far - the World Horror Con and FantasyCon 2010. Far more so than I've ever made, including the one I helped organise back in the 70's!
    Plenty of time to change your mind, even if it does become marginally more expensive the later you leave registration.