Friday 10 September 2010

Prism - September Issue

Slightly disappointed with one or two things about the printing of the current issue of Prism. Although I enclosed a printed copy of the magazine when I sent the disc to the printers, one or two errors in formatting still occured. The worst for me was that, in the review section, the titles of a couple of the items under review appeared at the foot of the preceding page instead of at the top of the next, along with the review. This looks sloppy and is something I am always especially careful about. It's something I would have hoped the printer wouldn't have let creep into their version of it, especially when they could have compared this to the correct version I provided them with. Too late now, of course, but I'll have to mention this tactfully when I send the next one to them. 

The other thing is that the pictures have this time come out a bit dark, hiding some of the details. The last issue was perfect in this regard.

I want to make sure that these things are sorted out from now on, especially for the next, which I want to make special for the end of the year.

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