Sunday 19 September 2010

FantasyCon 2010

We have only just arrived home a couple of hours ago from FantasyCon 2010, so I'm not really up to sayiong too much about it yet, except that this was one of the best, most interesting and well-organised conventions I have ever been too. It was also great to meet so many interestsing and nice people.

Anyway, as an appetiser here are a few photos we took there:

Joel Lane & Allyson Bird and some of the authors of the anthology Never Again at its signing

Lisa Tuttle, Garry Kilworth and Guy Adams

Lisa Tuttle being interviewed by Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones, Jo Fletcher, Marc Gascoigne & Jonathan Oliver

John L. Probert reads His Beautiful Hands by Oscar Cook at the Pan Book of Horror launch

John L. Probert and Johnny Mains at the Pan Book of Horror launch

Some of the people at the Pan Book of Horror launch

Some more of the guests at the PBH launch

Johnny Mains and Charlie Black at the PBH launch.

Reggie Oliver & John L. Probert at the PBH launch

Joel Lane, Les Edwards and Stephen Jones discussing Robert E. Howard

Ramsey Campbell, Mike Chinn, Joel Lane, Les Edwards & Stephen Jones discussing Robert E. Howard

Alasdair Stuart interviews SF author Peter F. Hamilton

Bryan Talbot discussing the anthropomorphic tradition in art

The FantasyCon committee relaxing after it is all over with a few well deserved drinks


  1. That would have been great, though there are several people I had arranged to meet there that I never bumped into - conventions are like that, aren't they? Are you going to Brighton next year?

  2. Hi David. Thanks for taking some pics - I don't think there are any others of the Pan launch. Thanks also for your company at dinner on the Saturday night. It was really good to see you again & to talk 'proper horror'! Hope to see you soon.


    John & Kate

  3. David, I was only there for the Saturday, but I was disappointed not to meet you. I actually had Charles Black and Gary McMahon looking for you at one point, so I could introduce myself. Never mind. Maybe next time.

  4. Hi John, I really enjoyed meeting you and Kathleen. And, as for your reading on Saturday night, that was one of the highlights.

  5. Sorry to have missed you, Steven. These events don't colme round all that often. The next I'm off to is the Halifax Ghost Story Festival at Halloween.