Thursday 29 July 2010

Has this writer faked his own death?

On at least two internet forums today Lawrence Dagstine's apparent death was reported, one claiming he was supposed to have committed suicide.

If true, this would be shocking enough. If faked by the victim, how shocking would that be, especially when he has been attacked recently for reselling stories more than once as originals.

Brian Keene has perhaps written best about this. Link

On Shocklines a number of posts from people like Ramsey Campbell, Brian Keene and me have been deleted by the site's owner, Matt, in some mistaken attempt to protect Dagstine. The thread has now been locked. Shocklines link

It's also appeared on the BFS Forum.

See also comments on The Rusty Nail.

I don't intend to continue debating the issue of this alleged suicide (which I don't believe), but it is interesting how some people, well-meaning maybe, are perhaps so shocked at the possibility this suicide/death is true, they are blinded to the man's record of lies and deceit.


He's alive - surprise, surprise!


(Again, the original thread has had deletions by Matt and been locked - another great surprise. Since Matt also protects evil-minded, talentless nut-jobs like Pacione, it really makes one wonder what the man is up to.)


  1. I am amazed that anyone at all can believe the smallest part of what Dagstine is claiming concerning his alleged suicide attempt.

  2. I'm amazed too. But some people are very naive. That's how people like Dagstine prosper. Hopefully, his latest pranks will finish him for good. His reputation could hardly stink more than it does now.