Wednesday 19 May 2010

Self Publishing and E-Books - Further

Since posting my previous comments on this issue I have been emailed by Joubert Nel, co-founder of Fifobooks, who specialise in ebooks. Link to Fifobooks

The interesting details about this site are that it is an ebook marketplace where the authors:
  • retain all the rights to their work
  • maintain full editorial control
  • set the price at which their ebooks are sold, and keep the majority of the revenue
  • there is no fee to publish
The author also gets 80% of the sale price.

Anyway, I am looking into this with regard, perhaps, to an older unpublished horror novel I wrote some years ago. It could be a worthwhile experiment. Certainly, there would be nothing to lose, though first I'll have to go through the manuscript very carefully to ferret out any typos, etc.

I have also posted comments about this on the BFS Forum: Link to BFS Forum

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