Thursday, 15 April 2010

Night Gallery DVD - Series 2

Got the complete series 2 of the American TV show from the 70s, Night Gallery in the post yesterday. We bought it because Linden found out one of the episodes included a dramatisation of Basil Copper's classic horror story Camera Obscura. She remembered watching this years ago on TV.

There are five discs in the set, with over 18 hours of viewing - and good value it is too. We spent the whole of last night watching just one disc, the highlight of which, of course, was the Basil Copper story. Other well known stories included were H. P. Lovecraft's Cool Air and Pickman's Model. There were also stories by August Derleth and Robert Bloch.

Though dating from 1971 the picture must have been digitally enhanced as it was perfect. It certainly didn't look like nearly forty-year-old TV.

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