Wednesday 7 April 2010

British Fantasy Society

Received a package from the BFS through the post yesterday containing the first copy of Prism edited by me, the latest Dark Horizons, and the longlist for voting in the British Fantasy Awards.

It's nice to see Prism out at last. It seems ages since I started work on it. And I'm looking forward to doing the next, which should be out in June. Just hope I can get some really good black and white artwork for the front cover, as I want to steer away from using colour. Not only does this save the BFS money but I think it gives the newsletter a distinctive look against other BFS publications, where colour covers are more appropriate.

The longlist for voting on Best Novel, etc., is a tough one for me this year as I don't seem to have read hardly anything on it. Not enough, anyway, to vote on the best novel, novella, short story, or collections choices, etc. I'm on firmer ground when it comes to the media stuff, the films and TV, but it does show how out of touch I seem to be on the literary side - or at least what was published last year! Of course it is a massive list, and I'm sure hardly anyone will have read much more than a small percentage in any of the sections. That's what I'm telling myself anyway, right or not!

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