Tuesday 9 November 2010

Prism - December 2010

Finally got it sorted out with David Howe after a bit of a kafuffle, mainly over the pictures going in it. I can't say I'm still happy about having the layout taken from my hands, but I'll wait to see what the end result looks like before I comment more on that issue. The next Prism will come out as part of one hardbound volume along with Dark Horizons. It remains to be seen whether this proves an economic way for the BFS to do it. My main worry is the amount of dependency this new setup will place on the BFS with PS Publishing. Pete Crowther may well be an all round good guy, but I still feel wary about placing the society under too much reliance on the goodwill of any outside commercial concern. Still, if things fail to work out Prism can still be published as it was before at the drop of a hat. No problem so far as I'm concerned. I'm sure the same applies to Dark Horizons, at least under its new editer, Peter Coleburn.

One or two items in the next Prism may raise a few eyebrows, but I'll say nothing about them here.

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