Friday 30 April 2010

Hot Flush - Sands Centre, Carlisle

Last night Linden and I went to the Sands Centre Theatre in Carlisle for a performance of the musical Hot Flush.

Linden won two tickets for this in a competition recently. It's the first time either of us have been to this theatre, which is very new and very impressive, with good accoustics, excellent seating and easy parking. Impressed.

The show starred Lesley Joseph, who was one of the most popular characters in the TV comedy Birds of a Feather. The show also included Hilary O'Neil, Anne Smith, Ruth Keeling and Matt Slack (who, as the only man in the cast, played all the male characters in the production - hilariously too!) It was a very girly musical, mainly a comedy about the menopause of all things. And in a packed audience I think there were probably only about half a dozen men in total! Still, it was a very funny, and I must admit I found myself laughing quite a bit. It was rude but not crude, with plenty of lively songs and a lot of outrageous dialogue. And not a boring moment from its start at 7.30 till it ended at 10. I'm glad we went. Lin enjoyed it immensely, I know. I don't think she ever stopped laughing.

We got there early, in time for a meal in the centre's restaurant, with its view of the river, and the weather was brilliant, showing off the beautiful Cumbrian landscape to perfection as we drove up the motorway.

We eventually got home at midnight to watch a few minutes of the potted highlights of the leadership debate on TV before going to bed.

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