Saturday 1 May 2010

Iron Man 2

Went last night with my son Dharamn to watch Iron Man 2. I've been looking forward to this for months - ever since watching trailers for it - and must say I wasn't at all disappointed. Robert Downey Jnr was again superb as Tony Stark. I can't imagine anyone being able to play that role to such perfection. Michael Rourke was a brilliant and menacing villain. And there was enough action to satisfy anyone. I also liked how they blended it all in with another story arc that has been going on in a few other Marvel films - and especially the clip at the very end for those who were dedicated enough to sit through the credits to catch it.

The humour in this film - as in the first Iron Man movie - works very well, thanks to Downey, who can make his character arrogant, irreverent and likeable at one and the same time. No mean feat. The special effects were excellent, and the story kept moving at a good pace, with no dull moments. And there were plenty of other interesting characters in the cast as well as the main ones.

I was always a fan of the original Iron Man comics years and years ago. In fact, I can remember when he first started as a very much different Iron Man in a dull grey, tubular iron suit, almost like a metal version of the Thing. It was a big move when he went from this to a yellow one, never mind the much more sophistifcated red and yellow one he was to get much later. Those were the days when American comics cost 6d - then 9d - in the UK and were shipped over in weekly batches as ballast, when they were available in every normal backstreet newsagents (I used to call them papershops then) and any kid could afford them.


And good to see another packed cinema too.

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