Saturday, 30 April 2022

Lock-In reprinted in the latest issue of Lovecraftiana magazine

My story Lock-In has just been reprinted in the latest issue of Lovecraftian magazine.

The issue also includes stories and poems by Ngo Binh Anh Koa
Chris McAuley
Matthew Wilson
John M McCormick
Oliver Smith
Sean Ferrier-Watson
Michael Balletti
George Aitch
Ricky Rivers Jr
Phil Breach
Carlton Herzog
Jay Sturner
Simon Bleaken
RC Mulhare
Joseph Farley
Francis Erdman
Maxwell I Gold
Tim J Finn
William Clunie
MS Swift
Matthew David Roe
Ty Conlee
Vincent H O’Neill
EW Farnsworth
Dean Wirth
Brian K Lowe
Jay Hardy
and Moeed Kashif.
Plus art by 
Jim Pitts
Dean Wirth
and Karolina Mochniej


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