Saturday 11 September 2021

Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 3 - Update


For the past month I have been steadily working my way through the submissions for Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 3

So far I have three definite acceptances and a handful of possibilities. The fate of the latter depends upon what comes in between now and the deadline of the 31st October. 

One thing I should emphasise: Please take into account the kind of fantasy anthology this is. Specifically, that it is about swords and sorcery. Unfortunately, some writers have not taken this into consideration and have sent me contemporary fantasy tales which, though they may be good stories in themselves, do not fit into this particular sub genre and will be rejected.

Anyway, things are looking good for the next volume in our series which we intend to publish before the end of November. 

All acceptances and rejections will be sent out by email within the first couple of days after the deadline.

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