Wednesday, 17 September 2014

New Fantasy Story Finished: Sir Hector's Quest

I started a new short story on the 10th and finished it today, a fantasy tale, just 3,000 words long: Sir Hector's Quest. It's the first time I have written an Arthurian story and the first fantasy tale I have written in some time.

"When the villagers told him the Grail was inside their lord’s keep beyond the forest to the west the knight knew they were lying. He did not need to see the stark hunger on their drawn faces or the fear in their eyes to understand their motives, though Sir Hector felt bitter at the continued failure of his quest. He had been away for too many years and had long grown weary of the task.

But this was not what concerned him now. On his way into the village three bodies hanging in chains from makeshift posts along the path had warned him there was evil here. The bodies were so badly decayed he had not been sure whether they were men or women. Even their clothes were no more than stained, indescribable rags, hanging in tatters from what was left of the rotten flesh. What he had no uncertainty about was that all had died in agony. Iron bolts had been hammered through their wrists and crossed ankles in a grim mockery of the Crucifixion..."

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