Monday, 26 May 2014

Paul Finch's 50th Birthday Party

Had a great night out on Saturday at Paul Finch's 50th Birthday Party at Wigan Little Theatre, Wigan. It nicely coincided with the publication of Paul's third DS Heckenburg thriller The Killing Club. After an overcast day, the sky brightened in the early evening and I had an enjoyable forty-minute drive to Wigan. Fortunately my satnav guided me straight to the venue and I was able to park up on the street only three blocks away. The first people I met when I went inside were Anna Taborska, Charles Black, Reggie Oliver, Simon Bestwick and Cate Gardner, so I felt at home straight away. The venue was packed and there was a great, celebratory atmosphere. Had some interesting conversations while I drank my non-alcoholic orange juice. It felt almost like being at a convention! Things were still going lively when I left at 11.15.

Reggie Oliver published the following two photos on facebook:

Me, Paul Finch in the background, and Cate Gardner
Photo by Reggie Oliver

Anna Taborska, Charlie Black, me, Cate Gardner and Simon Bestwick
Photo by Reggie Oliver

Wigan Little Theatre

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  1. 50th birthday party seems to be a blast. Went to the trade fair organized in our city at LA venue days weeks back. It was such a fun with friends and kids. Swings, snacks, drinks and of course heaps of shopping was great. Amusing games were enjoyed by all. And the open space was more than enough to accommodate a number of people.