Tuesday 27 May 2014

Nice review for Out of Corruption

Original cover
It's not often I've had a review for a single story, especially one as nice as this. Out of Corruption is one of my longer short stories and was originally published in Steve Jones' Mammoth Book of Zombies, an anthology that has seen a number of reprints, with some title variations,  both in the UK and overseas, including Russia. It is also included in my short story collection from Shadow Publishing, The Lurkers in the Abyss and Other Tales of Terror.

A link to the review:

"1993 - Spoiler alerts.

An action packed haunted house horror yarn set in the kind of house you would never want to enter let alone live in.

The narrator visits an old friend who is going mad for living in the crumbling Gothic pile, due to strange noises in the night, something
shuffling round in the cellar, and mysterious figures roaming the grounds at night.

The narrator sees some of this for himself, and learns that the zombies outside cannot enter the property due to its crooked windows and door-frames (designed to ward off evil). Though the things outside after dark can't get in, leaving the house after dark would be fatal.

Russian cover
The narrator gains information from a local librarian and occult specialist, as the man who owns the house is attacked and possessed by the figure trapped in the cellar to try to get the creatures outside to enter.

The zombies start breaking windows trying to frighten the mortal inhabitants into leaving the house too, so the humans are trapped by a malevolent entity within and a horde of the living dead outside - even if they make it to dawn and escape to new homes, their troubles may not be over.

Relentlessly paced Evil Dead style story, which a saturation of evil atmosphere throughout.

Arthur Chappel"

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