Friday 14 June 2013

Change of stories in Lurkers in the Abyss & Other Tales of Terror

I have made an alteration to the stories included in my collection from Shadow Publishing. I have removed  two of the shorter (and in my view) weaker stories and replaced them with a longer one that is previously unpublished. It's a story I wrote a short while ago on the urging of Johnny Mains who wanted me to do a sequel to The Lurkers in the Abyss. Called Lurkers, it concerns the activities of an on the run bank robber who chances across the same creatures that figure in the original story - and faces a horrifyingly Lovecraftian future when "the stars are right".

Paul Mudie, who is doing the cover for this collection, recently emailed a rough copy to Dave Sutton and myself for our approval. Based on my story Fish-Eye, it exceeds what I hoped for from him and I can't wait now to see his final version!

The new line up of stories is:

Introduction by David A. Sutton
The Lurkers in the Abyss
After Nightfall
Terror on the Moors
The Shade of Apollyon
Writer's Cramp
Winter on Aubarch 6
The Shadow by the Altar
Out of Corruption
A New Lease
Inside the Labyrinth
A Sense of Movement
Soft Little Fingers
His Pale Blue Eyes

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