Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Screaming Book of Horror

Stephen Upham's Screaming Dreams will be publishing The Screaming Book of Horror later this year (cover by Steve). Included in it will be my story Old Grudge Ender, along with:

One of the Family – Bernard Taylor
Glory and Splendour – Alex Miles
What Shall We Do About Barker? – Reginald Oliver 
Cut! – Anna Taborska
The Christmas Toys – Paul Finch 
The Quixote Candidate – Rhys Hughes 
Helping Mummy – Kate Farrell 
The Iron Cross – Craig Herby 
The Baby Trap – Janine Wood 
The Club – Sara Brunsdon 
Sometimes You Think You Are Alone – Alison Moore 
The Tip Run – Johnny Mains

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