Saturday 7 January 2012

Cowboys and Aliens

Watched this on DVD last night and, though it was great fun while it lasted, I did feel it lacked in terms of involvement. Neither Daniel Craig nor Harrison Ford seemed to engage as characters, as if they were both sleepwalking the film. Perhaps they were. There were some neat ideas in there and the film certainly didn't lack in scope, photography or location, but there was very little heart - and the aliens were by no means as scary as they should have been. Perhaps it was because they were the all too common CGI concoctions, which might look good in stills, but lack in something important when seen in action, which as usual these days was far too quick. I think the film's basic weakness was that none of the main characters came over as credible; they were cutouts about whom the viewer could have little empathy and lacked credibility. Entertaining enough during it's two hours, but not something I would ever feel the inclination to revisit.

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