Thursday, 5 August 2010

September Issue of Prism

Started work last night on the next issue of Prism. Everything's working out well so far, with quite a few of the contributions in for it, including the graphics reviews, Ramsey's Rant and the Chairman's Talk. Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be having Mark Morris's piece this time. He's on holiday next week and must have forgotten about the schedule. Must remember to remind him next time well in advance. I do have John Probert's - that came weeks and weeks ago. He's obviously as keen as mustard at the moment.

It's hard to remember how much of a struggle the first issue was in March this year. Having my own template for the bulletin now, which I'm tweaking to add the odd improvement, does make doing it incredibly easy.

I'm hoping Prism is back from the printers and been distributed to BFS members before Fantasycon. That would be good. In actual fact, that's as it should be, since the convention isn't till the end of September!

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