Tuesday 3 August 2010


Ex-Occidente is a small press company operating from Romania. Quentin S. Crisp, who had a book due out from them, has just announced on his blog that he is severing all links with them. Quentin S. Crisp

My own involvement with Ex-Occidente goes back a couple of years when Dan Ghetu, its owner, emailed me out of the blue with the offer to publish Lurkers in the Abyss rather than Midnight House. As I had not fallen out with John Pelan, who runs Midnight House - nor have I since - and was quite willing to wait till Midnight House was in a position to publish my collection, I turned this offer down, but did propose a second collection made up of other, more recent stories. Initially Dan Ghetu was enthusiastic about this idea and asked me to email them to him, which I did. After that silence. Even when I emailed him a month or so later there was still no reply. Finally I emailed that I assumed his silence meant that the offer had been withdrawn. Still no reply. I understand that this silent treatment is not unusual from him - and not only for writers, but frequently purchasers of his books still awaiting their delivery months after they were due.

So, all in all, from my own personal experience, I have not been overly impressed by Ex-Occidente, even though I have bought one of their books by Reggie Oliver, Madder Mysteries.

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