Thursday, 12 August 2010

Self Publishing

There's an interesting discussion on Shocklines, with writers like Brian Keene participating, on the issue of self-publishing. Leisure Books, which have published most of Brian's books so far, is likely to turn to ebooks only in the near future. As a result Brian is looking towards self publishing. How many other writers of his ilk will do the same?

My own experience with the collection of my short stories that have been due for publication for several years is leading me to wonder whether I should go down this road too. At least all the stories in this collection have been professionally published before, either in anthologies or magazines. I'll give it a bit longer, but if there is still no serious indication that it will be published within the next twelve months, I can see no option but to look at doing a print run myself, then make it available as an ebook. This isn't something I would have even considered some time ago, but times are changing. And fast.

See also this on Brian Keene's website.

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