Wednesday 11 August 2010

The Last Coach Trip

Spent a little time last night doing a final rewrite (more tweaking than writing) on this story, which is another set in Edgebottom and concerns a cast of Northern workingclass characters - some based on people I used to rub shoulders with back in the days before I got married and I used to spend many a night in Bold Street Workingmens Club in Accrington. I have based the club in this story very much on that place and their annual coach trips to Ripon races. I never did go on their last one, though. I'd stopped going there long before that sad day happened.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this tale, though it is gentler than most I've written about that place. Not sure where I'll send it to yet. It's very much a British tale and probably wouldn't go down too well across the pond.

See also this on Brian Keene's website.

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