Friday 4 June 2010


FifoBooks have emailed me with advice to:

Tell your friends on Facebook

Post a tweet on Twitter

Both should be interesting experiences as I've never used either. My wife has a Facebook account, and even though she rarely uses it I suppose I could get some advice off her, but as for Twitter?  Still, it is the 21st Century and, if I'm prepared to take the plunge with this e-book, I suppose I may as well go all the way. After all, what's to lose?

Apart from valuable time perhaps better spent writing.


I'm still working on Lucilla, which I'm finding much more fascinating for me than anything I've previously written at this length. I've also got to find time to take another look at the last novel I managed to complete, The Return, and make whatever changes it needs before submitting it somewhere. I like this novel, though it is dark - perhaps one of the bleakest stories I have ever written, apart from The Worst of All Possible Places in Houses on the Borderland. I don't suppose I could get much bleaker than that. But they're horror stories, and you don't get many rays of sunshine in them.

Anyway, I'll be taking a look at Twitter some time today, though the name doesn't particularly appeal to me. Perhaps it's the "twit" part.


  1. Hello David,

    I'm Joubert, owner of Fifobooks. Thanks for publishing on our platform. I've announced Sendings both on the Fifobooks Facebook group ( and also on Twitter (

    Joubert Nel

  2. Many thanks, Joubert. I'll do my bit shortly. Though I have already mentioned this on several websites I regularly visit, including the BFS (British Fantasy Society) forum.