Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Night

I told myself beforehand that I wasn't going to stay up late to watch the election results on TV - but I still ended up dragging myself to bed at three in the morning!

I wouldn't care but it was completely boring, with not much drama and inconclusive results, that seemed to be all over the place. Worse still, the BBC seemed to think it was a good idea to use licence payers' money to host a big party for so-called celebrities - like I really want to hear what Bruce Forsyth has to say about the elections!

The biggest drama will be to see what horse trading takes place over the next few days and which parties take on the poisoned chalice of running the next government. Whoever that is, I'm sure we'll be facing another election later this year, with whoever's in charge of our faltering economy having to bear the brunt of the electorate's anger at how bad things will be by then. That's my forecast anyway, for what it's worth.

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