Thursday 15 April 2010

Internet Rage

Further from what I have already noted about this phenomena, is the question why someone should use their own blog almost solely to have a go at other people. Most blogs I have looked at are used to raise issues, discuss books or films or anything else that comes to mind, and to tell people about the ups and downs of whatever particular interest the blogger has they would like other people to know about. With writers, who are the main bloggers I look at, this is almost always about their own stories and novels, etc.

To use a blog as a weapon to attack someone sounds dangerously close to misuse of the facility. After all, you can completely control replies made to whatever you've written on your own blog. It can easily become a one sided argument if you want it to. One blog in particular is very much like this. It is used to snipe at other people the blogger sees as his enemies. Fair targets for his bile. It is a shame, especially as he seems unable and unwilling to allow fair comment in reply to his criticisms and attacks. A one sided argument indeed.

I can pledge now that whatever anyone says on this blog in answer to something I write will be published in full. The only time I would delete any words at all would be if I thought letting them stay in full would leave me open to being involved with a libel action. And, of course, if writers make personal attacks on other people. Attack me if you like, but leave others out of it. They may not be in a position to reply. Other than that free speech rules.

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