Friday 9 February 2024

Day Two of Showcasing the books published by Parallel Universe Publications: Black Ceremonies by Charles Black


For Day Two we have Black Ceremonies by Charles Black:

Those that participate in the thirteen strange dark rites that comprise Black Ceremonies find themselves at the mercy of sinister forces. Make an invocation to evil. Witness the horrors of war. Hear the sound of death. Feel the hand of vengeance as it reaches out from the grave. Are you ready to join the doomed and the damned?

“When it comes to dark and twisted tales, they don’t come much darker and more twisted than this. If you have a taste for the macabre, you really will be biting off as much as you can chew with this exciting debut collection from renowned editor and creator of the Black Books of Horror, Charles Black.” Anna Taborska, author of For Those Who Dream Monsters 

“Charlie’s yarns are very entertaining.” Johnny Mains, editor of Best British Horror

This collection includes the following stories: 
The Obsession of Percival Cairstairs
Call of the Damned
The Revelations of Dr Maitland
Tourist Trap
Face to Face
The Coughing Coffin
The Madness Out of the Sea
Death on the Line
The Necronomicon
A Bit Tasty
A Fistful of Vengeance
To Summon a Flesh-Eating Demon
The Strombolli Collection

You can order this book direct from us on this link, post free.

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