Thursday 18 August 2022

My short story collections

Below are details of all my short story collections, what stories are in them, and where they are published, plus links to ordering copies online.

The Lurkers in the Abyss and Other Tales of Terror
- Shadow Publishing 2013

The Lurkers in the Abyss, After Nightfall, Terror on the Moors, The Shade of Apollyon, Prickly, Writer's Cramp, Winter on Aubarch 6, The Shadow by the Altar, Out of Corruption, A New Lease, Help-Plants, Inside the Labyrinth, A Sense of Movement, Soft Little Fingers, His Pale Blue Eyes, Fish Eye, Lurkers.

His Own Mad Demons: Dark Tales from David A. Riley
- Originally Hazardous Press, now Parallel Universe Publications 2012 and 2015

Their Own Mad Demons, Lock-In, The Fragile Mask on his Face,The True Spirit, The Worst of All Possible Places.

Their Cramped Dark World & Other Tales
- Originally published by Hazardous Press, now Parallel Universe Publications 2015

Hoody, A Bottle of Spirits, No Sense in Being Hungry, She Thought, Now and Forever More, Romero's Children, Swan Song, The Farmhouse, The Last Coach Trip, The Satyr's Head, Their Cramped Dark World  

After Nightfall & Other Weird Tales
- Parallel Universe Publications 2020

Three Eyed Jack, The Fragile Mask on His Face, Terror on the Moors, The Shade of Apollyon, Writer's Cramp, Fish Eye, Boat Trip, Prickly, After Nightfall

Illustrated throughout by Jim Pitts

A Grim God's Revenge: Dark Tales of Fantasy & Horror
- Parallel Universe Publications 2021

Lem, Scrap, The Urn, Hanuman, Gwargens, Retribution, The Bequest, Corpse-Maker, Old Grudge Ender, Dead Ronnie and I, Grudge End Cloggers, A Grim God's Revenge, They Pissed on My Sofa, A Girl, a Toad and a Cask



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