Tuesday 10 September 2019


It's always great when you come across something you have never heard about before and find it's amazingly good. This happened last night when I came across the movie CBGB, starring Alan Rickman as Hilly Crystal, the clubowner and music entrepeneur who seemingly almost single-handedly helped to create the Punk Rock phenomena.

Rickman, as always, was a joy to watch, with his layed back charismatic performance. I must admit to knowing virtually nothing about the events portrayed in this movie, other than the names of the more well-known groups and performers who benefitted from Crystal's club CBGB, which stood for Country, Bluegrass and Blues, which he mistakenly thought would be the next big thing in music.

Needing groups who would perform for virtually nothing, though, his club, situated in a grim downtown area of New York, becomes a mecca for the new wave of Punk musicians who soon become world famous, including Iggy Pop, The Police, Blondie, The Ramones, the Dead Boys and countless others.

An excellent film, which I wholeheartedly recommend. Currently available on amazon prime.

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